Rack Mounting Kit for Electronics

There are two types of audio-visual racks?those that are cleanly wired and well organized, and those that are a disastrous bowl of noodles. Audio-visual technicians cringe when they enter a rack room and see wires tangled in knots and devices hanging from their cords, and unfortunately this is an all too common occurrence.

The TL-RK01 ensures organization by cleanly securing up to 12 devices in a standard rack chassis?no more double sided Velcro, generic rack trays, or zip ties. Your devices are fastened, your wiring is streamlined, and your rack looks like a million bucks?now that?s professional.

Technical Features

  • 12 slots for rack mounting up to 12 devices
  • 5U chassis height
  • 19? rack width
  • 5 inch depth (150mm)
  • Includes chassis mounting ears for compatible devices
  • Steel construction
  • Includes 12 blanks for unused slots
  • Quick mount design for devices


  1. Identify the rack in which the TL-RK01 will be installed and ensure there are 5 rack units of connected open space.
  2. Secure the desired devices into the TL-RK01 mounting kits (included) using either type 1 or type 2 depending on the chassis size.
  3. Secure the populated TL-RK01 mounting kits into the TL-RK01 chassis using the quick connect screws on the mounting kits.
  4. Optionally install the slot blanks in any unused spaces in the TL-RK01 chassis.


What comes in the package?

Each TL-RK01 includes one rack mount chassis, twelve slot blanks, twelve type 1 mounting kits, and twelve type 2 mounting kits.

What?s the difference between type 1 and type 2 mounting kits?

Different size devices have different sized chassis, and that means multiple sized mounting kits are necessary. We include two different sizes in the TL-RK01 package.

Is my device compatible with the TL-RK01?

The TL-RK01 is designed for TechLogix and Hudl brand products. Current compatible models include the TL-TP100-HDC, TL-TP70-HDC, and the TL-TP70-HDIR.