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Future Ready Solutions provides end-to-end solutions for every fiber optic installation.
Whether your installation is in a commercial environment or a residential dwelling, we believe that Cleerline is the superior choice for the fiber optic components you need. From their unique fiber optic cable to connectors, termination tools, enclosures, and more, Cleerline is Fiber Optics Redefined.

Level 1 Cleerline SSF™ Certification

The Level 1 Cleerline SSF™ Certification course provides a basic introduction to fiber optic technology.  Over the seven modules that make up this course, attendees will learn:

Benefits to using fiber
·      Basic considerations for specification and deployment
·      Variations in fiber cable construction
·      Common connector types and how to choose the correct connectors
·      Fiber accessories, enclosures and why to use them

Complete each module and the subsequent 3-question, multiple choice quiz and a final assessment to earn your Level 1 Certificate.

Elements of Cleerline’s Academy content have been registered by both AVIXA and CEDIA for RU and CEU credits respectively.  Contact us for more information.

Below is a comprehensive libary of information everything you need to know
to design, install, terminate, and test fiber optic cabling.

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